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Hi, I'm Madhav.

Engineer by trade and entrepreneur at heart.

My life's mission is to create technology to bring positive change to millions of people's lives.

I am a product engineer, born and brought up in Delhi, currently living in Bangalore, India. My experience with working in both small and large technology startups in New York for the last 7 years has helped me hone my engineering, product design and business skills.

I'm currently working on growing my company, Vahan. It is a mobile education platform for low-income populations that helps students practice the skills they learn in the classroom.

A couple of years ago, I built i inspire us - a platform that helped people find collaborators for their ideas/projects. I called it the Kickstarter for skills.

In New York, I also worked closely with as an activist for the knowledge economy - check out my immigration story:

More about me at: